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Show Daily, your guide to Warrenton's Antiques Show

Lone Star Gallery in Warrenton

The Lone Star Gallery

     NEW DATES: March 30 through April 7, 2018. Fine antiques in the heart of Warrenton! From Tiffany lamps to vintage quilts, the new Lone Star Gallery has it covered for real collectors. Come shop in air conditioned comfort, enjoy our fabulous food and meet our interesting dealers. A must see spot! Located inside the old car museum building in the heart of Warrenton. Limited dealer space available for next season: The Lone Star Gallery, 4212 S. State Hwy 237 TEL. 432-847-9654

Website: www.thelonestargallery.com

Punkie's Place at Neese House

     NEW DATES: March 22 through April 8, 2018. Fun & funky finds, creations, fashions & accessories and accent pieces inside the Neese House. Come meet Punkie, the most precious party poodle in all of Texas, let alone the rest of the world! Punkie is the inspiration for all of our whimsical and fun things. Don't forget, if it doesn't have a poodle, it isn't a PUNKIE'S! The Neese House is right across the Hwy from Zapp Hall Field, in the heart of Warrentonl. Open LATE every night of the show!

Website: www.punkiesplace.com
Email: diane@punkiesplace.com

Man in the Moon

     Antique and vintage jewelry, fine & costume. Specializing in Victorian: Memorial, Mosaics, Cameos, Lockets, Bangles, Insects. Also a nice selection of Bakelite & Rhinestones. Old cut diamonds. Blair Smith. Inside the air conditioned Lone Star Gallery venue, Warrenton.